What are the functions of zirconia industrial ceramic knife?

The zirconia industrial ceramic knife has the characteristics of extreme hardness, high density, high temperature resistance, anti-magnetization, anti-oxidation and so on. The ceramic knife is developed by using extreme pressure precision ceramic. What are the functions of the zirconia industrial ceramic knife? Next ceramic foam filter manufacturer to introduce you.

1, zirconia industrial ceramic knife has super antibacterial ability

Ceramic knife with its unique material advantage, the whole material is densely fired, no air holes, distinct non-metallic anti-bacterial growth ability, protect the baby food in the process of eating from pollution, protect the normal growth of babies.

Zirconia Industrial ceramic knife has super antibacterial function, durable sharpness, no sharpening ceramic knife has an unparalleled sharp blade, and can be cut into thin slices.

Zirconia industrial ceramic knives have excellent hardness and wear resistance and do not require sharpening. Resist food oxidation, keep the original ceramic knife will not react with any food, keep the original flavor of food, let you fully experience the enjoyment of delicious food.

434a929ca9a02afbadb485dfb84d9e8f2, zirconia industrial ceramic knives can lock the nutrition of food

The handle of swing ceramic knife is carefully designed according to ergonomics, not only considering the force and strength when cutting vegetables, but also realizing the bending and stability of the handle shape, so that the center of gravity of operation is stable and perfect for eating and cutting.

When you cut a piece of meat with a ceramic knife, you're surprised that the juices don't come out. This is because ceramic knives are thin and sharp, so they do not compress the meat during the cutting process.

The intact texture preserves the nutrients of the food and is even more effective when we use it to cut fruit heavy in juice. It enables us to enjoy nutritious and delicious food every day.

3, health and environmental protection

Never rust, will not spread metal IONS ceramic knife has excellent non-metallic properties, so that it never has the characteristics of rust. We do not have to worry about the residual water stains will make the knife rust, it allows you to enjoy the authenticity of food.

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