2022 The employment direction of the Internet of Things engineering is suitable for boys to learn

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  1. Employment direction: After graduation, it is mainly in new energy, Internet/e -commerce, computer software, electronic technology/semiconductor/integrated circuits, communication/telecommunications/network equipment.

    The 2022 Internet of Things engineering is suitable for boys to learn the Internet of Things professional employment prospects. The Internet of Things industry has the characteristics of industrial chain long and involving multiple industrial groups. Its application scope covers almost all walks of life. The Internet of Things major is the school that allows colleges and universities to apply for new majors in the Ministry of Education.
    The students after graduation mainly employed enterprises and industries related to the Internet of Things, engaged in the design, development, management and maintenance of the Internet of Things communication architecture, network protocols and standards, wireless sensors, information security, etc. Or scientific research and teaching institutions are engaged in scientific research and teaching. It can also be = graduate students in the fields of computer technology, electronic science and technology, computer application technology, electronics and communication engineering.
    While what is the Internet of Things IoT is the Internet connected by things. There are two core meanings of the Internet of Things engineering: First, the core and foundation of the Internet of Things are still the Internet, which is an extension and extension on the Internet. The network; second, its user end extension and extension is between any item and items, and information exchange and communications are performed.
    The Internet of Things through sensors, radio frequency recognition technology, global positioning system and other technologies to collect any objects or processes that need to be monitored, connected, and interactive in real time, and collect their sounds, light, heat, electricity, mechanics, chemistry, biological, location, location, location, location Waiting for various needs, through various network access to realize the links of objects, objects, objects, and people, and realize intelligent perception, identification and management of items and processes.

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