How to Use Arena Plus Points for Maximum Benefit

Maximizing Your Arena Plus Points: A Comprehensive Guide

Arena Plus points offer a range of exciting rewards and benefits. Here's a detailed guide on how you can get the most out of your points.

Understanding the Value of Arena Plus Points

Efficient use of Arena Plus points starts with understanding their value. Each point in the Arena Plus system usually equals PHP 1. This simple equivalence allows quick calculations and determination of what rewards can be within your reach.

  • 100 points equal PHP 100
  • 500 points equal PHP 500
  • 1,000 points equal PHP 1,000

Accumulating Points Effectively

Efficient accumulation of points maximizes your rewards. Use various strategies to gain points swiftly:

  • Participate in promotions and events frequently to earn extra points.
  • Complete monthly challenges and tasks set by Arena Plus.
  • Opt for special point-boosting offers available periodically.

Redeeming for High-Value Rewards

After collecting sufficient points, focus on high-value rewards to maximize benefits. Check the selection of available rewards on the Arena Plus platform, updated regularly to reflect new and attractive deals. Some optimal options include:

  • Exclusive merchandise often designed in collaboration with famous brands.
  • Gift cards that enhance purchasing power across various outlets.
  • Event tickets, offering access to popular events and concerts.

Leveraging Arena Plus Rewards Program

The Arena Plus rewards program itself includes several features and intricacies. Keep an eye on the following aspects to make informed redemption decisions:

  • Expiration dates: Points not redeemed within a specified timeframe may expire.
  • Points required for each reward: Set a target based on the value and plan your accumulation strategy.
  • Special promotions: Some periods may offer double points on specific actions or purchases.

Tracking Your Points

Stay updated on your current points balance through the Arena Plus app or website. Regularly reviewing your points ensures timely utilization and strategic planning for future redemptions.

  • Monitor point additions after completing tasks or participating in events.
  • Check for point deductions upon redeeming rewards to ensure accuracy.


Proper management and strategic use of Arena Plus points can bring substantial benefits. By understanding their value, efficiently accumulating points, redeeming high-value rewards, leveraging unique program features, and diligently tracking your balance, you stand to gain the maximum from this lucrative rewards system. Follow these steps to enhance your experience and get the best out of your Arena Plus points.

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