How to pack and deliver hardware molds?

One of the concerns buyers have about hardware molds and fittings is their requirement for safe and sound delivery conditions.

Although there are no hard and fast rules about how the molds should be packed for long-distance transportation,

But precautions must be taken to prevent two dangers.​

(1) moisture in maritime transport may lead to rust;

(2) Defects in the onshore logistics system or ship rocking may lead to tooling damage.

3745bb45900e6950a26b5eb490f51378Therefore, Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication manufacturers follow the following procedures to ensure proper transportation of the mold to the customer's home:

Step 1: Apply grease to steel tools to prevent rust during overseas shipping.

Step 2: Use sturdy, thick, fumigated wooden cases, suitable for long-distance sea/air/inland transportation, good moisture resistance.

Step 3: Secure a strong wire between each box in the container to eliminate ship sloshing at sea or defects in the onshore logistics system.

In a world full of packaging solution vendors, trust must be earned.

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