Can whitener be added to powder paint?

Production of powder coating powder will add titanium dioxide or barium sulfate to mention whiteness, but this is belongs to physical cover effect, its whiteness cannot achieve good results, tend to make products look yellow head hint, this kind of situation can add fluorescent whitening agent K - 1, using the optical principle based on titanium dioxide or barium sulfate whiteness to enhance product whiteness and brightness, add cost is very small, The effect is also relatively obvious.

Powder coating powder is a solid powder synthetic resin coating composed of solid resin, pigments, fillers and additives.

Powder coating powder is divided into two kinds, one is thermosetting type, one is thermoplastic type.


The dispersing medium of powder coating powder is not solvent and water like solvent-based coating and water-based coating, but air is everywhere.

No pollution caused by solvent, high film formation rate, low energy consumption.

​Also, therefore, many coating manufacturers began to powder coating powder transformation.

Powder coating powder is basically used in some high standard products more, so the requirements for his various aspects are also very high.

Especially the whiteness, for some high standard products, once a little yellowing phenomenon will affect the quality of products.

Next we will give you to solve the problem of powder coating powder yellowing, powder coating powder whitening agent K-1 upgraded version.


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