The opposite sex gets along at these 2 time points, easy to get emotional

People's emotional psychology is very subtle, especially women, such as the weather forecast, forecast again accurately. That is also the probability of the problem. She thought she would be very happy today. She did not think she was unhappy for no reason.

Women are emotional, her joys and sorrows guide her emotional direction, her emotional psychology, at two points in time is easy for men to take advantage of, because at this time she is the easiest to be emotional.

First point in time:

In life, who can not avoid being wronged and wronged, others do not understand will make people become depressed psychology, women's psychology itself is more fragile, wronged will be emotional, psychological haze is difficult to come out.

At this time, if someone sincerely enlightens and cares, she will naturally have moved to thank the psychological, if it is the opposite sex 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược, she will produce subtle changes in the psychological, in addition to moving will also produce feelings. This time, women in the opposite sex emotions are basically unguarded. This is the perfect opportunity for men to take advantage of the opportunity.

Sincere care and help, will let her feel your care and friendship. Women hope to find a man who understands their own, understands their male talent is worth her life, so this time of the woman most easily emotional, men seize the opportunity, than the usual sweet words, the effect to give countless times.

c13d7fb7b7abef66b9f54447153e3294Second time point:

When a woman is lovelorn, because her feelings are hit, there are two aspects of her emotional psychology.​

1, woman after brokenhearted, the mood would be uncomfortable, never produce psychological hate men, this time a man approached her, she will disgust and rejection from the bottom of my heart, because no come out from the brokenhearted mood, she will be afraid of again hurt, men don't feel at this time, she brokenhearted the opportunity came, should, and so on, such as his mood smoothly in pursuit.

2, some women after the breakup, the mood will decline, her emotional psychology belongs to the fragile period, this time the man will care and accompany patiently listen to her talk, she will have feelings for the man, further development will be love.

The above two points will let men have the psychological struggle. Whether it is an opportunity, this requires a man's vision, the exclusion of men must be in her words and deeds can be seen, do not act rantly to observe carefully, can try to care, accept in-depth, the exclusion of temporarily let go, waiting for the opportunity.

Conclusion: Like a person, to grasp the opportunity, look at the time to get twice the result with half the effort. If the woman happened above two things, this is a good chance. I hope you can successfully chase love.

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