Between the opposite sex, 4 kinds of busy do not help

In life, helping each other is worth promoting virtue, but help also depends on the situation, normal busy can reach out a hand, illegal busy can not help, help is in the help, will also get involved on their own.

In THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN the SEXES, because of the SUBTLEty and PARTICULarity of the heterosexual relationship, there are four kinds of busy is never to help, otherwise there may be misunderstanding, more help more chaos 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược.

1. Don’t help each other with family life.​

Honest officials find it difficult to judge housework, especially between the opposite sex, do not interfere in each other’s life, each other’s family contradictions do not help, because it is likely to misunderstand, so as to help more chaos, also involved in themselves, finally good into a bad thing.

2. Stand up for them

Normal couple, when the other party in trouble, head straight for her is normal, not in a relationship, the other party in trouble, if is that small things can easily help her solve, can help you, if it is a tricky thing or big trouble, don’t to Fang Qiang in front, one is you can not solve, 2 it is very easy to cause each other’s misunderstanding, Or make your partner’s lover think something’s wrong with your relationship.

3, hit the face of fat

Help should be combined with their own strength, beyond their ability to help the busy do not help, hit the swollen face pretend to be fat to help, the problem can not be solved, will let the other side look down on, will not get your love, out of the force also let the other side complain.

4. Don’t help with money

Brothers also clear accounts, ordinary heterosexual relations, money things do not help. It cannot be denied that some heterosexual relations because of the benefit, so do not lend their money easily to each other, because there is a great possibility to go without return.

Conclusion: HETEROSEXUAL relations, originally more sensitive, in the process of communication must keep the bottom line, control the distance, can help to help, can not help must not help, so as to avoid misunderstanding or bring losses to themselves.

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