wholesale jewelry china suppliers What does the abbreviation CB mean?

wholesale jewelry china suppliers

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  1. anna beck jewelry wholesale CB may refer to a lot, for example:
    1. Business

    community broadcast (CB)
    R n Geographical politics [Edit]
    The American University Council (English: College Board)
    Communist Bandits, CB)
    Causeway Bay

    This Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, British Liberal Politician
    CASUS Belli, Latin "Discipline of War".
    The province of Italy (PROVINCIA DI)
    It IATA code of Scotland Airlines
    2. R n The hull classification symbols of large cruisers retired from the US Navy
    4. Character
    Chast Chester, American musician
    Chack Berry (Chuck Berry ), American guitarist, rock singer and composer
    Chris Brown, American singer, actor
    Cliff Burton (1962-1986), American musician
    5. Science and medicine
    cannabis (), found a set of phenolic compounds in Indian marijuana
    铌 (niobium), old (columbium), is a chemical element, the symbol is a symbol is NB (old CB)
    The number of hexadecimal production 203
    Cuyuyun (cloud), a high, dense, cloud and other extreme weather clouds
    6. Sports
    Terback (CB)
    Chicago Bears, a professional American football team
    Chicago Bulls, a professional basketball team
    g Cleveland Browns, a professional American football team
    Wingwei (). Basketball player
    Chris Benoit, professional wrestler
    Chris Bosh, professional basketball player
    8. Breaker, CB)
    The civilian band radio, a short -range radio communication system
    closed test (referred to as seal testing or CB), a stage of the software version cycle r r. n9. Other
    The cartoon characters created by Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown
    Chastity Belt (Chastity Belt) to prevent sexual intercourse
    ), The protagonist in the American TV series "Gossip Girl"
    The colestial beef (Cornet Beef)
    Narboy Bebop
    The chemical brothers, Britain Electronic band

  2. emma jewelry wholesale 1. Borland Development C Builder Integrated Development Environment 2. Player position on the football field: mid -back () 3. Internet buzzwords 4. Control bus () 5. IEC system for qualified testing and certification of electrical products 6. LG mobile phone online software abbreviation 7. 8. Bilirubin 9. CodeBlue, a popular TV series in Fuji TV, Japan 10. C 's integrated compilation environment 11. Dimin of the English phrase COMEBACK 12. 13. Convertible bonds 14. Online game

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