Choose electronic door locks like this! 4 ways to teach you to "lock" security

The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau stated that electronic door locks have now become the first choice for more and more people to buy door locks. While electronic door locks provide convenience for everyone, is product safety and use safety really guaranteed? The results of supervision and spot checks in the past three years show that there are a total of 61 batches of spot checks, and a total of 11 batches of unqualified batches. The project is mainly for anti-vandalism alarm function and anti-jamming. Therefore, when purchasing electronic door locks, you must learn to look at the protection and safety design, virtual password technology, fingerprint recognition technology, and stand-alone or networked.

Electronic door locks have attracted wide attention since their inception. This new type of product, which can be opened with passwords, fingerprints, IC cards or even swiping faces without keys, has become the first choice for more and more people when buying door locks. Check out this article:Best Electronic Door Locks

In the past three years, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau has continuously tracked and conducted product quality supervision and spot checks on online e-commerce platform sales, offline physical sales, and electronic door lock products in the production field. There are 11 batches in total, and the unqualified items are mainly the anti-vandalism alarm function and anti-jamming.

The unqualified products found in the supervision and random inspection have been handed over to the market supervision department where the sampled producers and sellers are located for handling according to law.

According to the national standard GB 21556-2008 "General Technical Conditions for Lock Safety", when the electronic door lock is misoperated three times in a row and the protective mask is damaged by external force, it should be able to automatically give an audible/visual alarm prompt or alarm signal output. Products with unqualified anti-vandalism alarm function will not be able to deter intruders and remind consumers and surrounding neighbors.

At present, the latest industry standard "Mechanical Anti-theft Lock" (GA/T 73-2015) also has the following regulations on the anti-destructive function of locks:

In autumn and winter, manual locks often have static electricity. Electronic door locks with unqualified anti-interference functions will cause inconvenience to consumers when unlocking with fingerprints. In severe cases, door locks may fail and people will be locked out.

There are two aspects to the safety protection design of electronic door locks: the protection safety of the mechanical design part mainly focuses on the level of the lock cylinder, and it is best to choose the highest level C level.

The protection and safety of the electronic circuit design part depends on the anti-tampering alarm function (the anti-tampering alarm switch/device is generally on the back of the front panel of the electronic door lock).

Virtual password technology means that consumers can add any string of numbers before entering the correct password, without worrying about password leakage.

For example, the correct password is 123456, you can enter the password like this: (8)(6)(7)123456(0)(2)(3), the numbers in the brackets can be any number.

Some consumers are worried about their fingerprints being extracted. In fact, it is not easy to extract complete fingerprints on fingerprint locks. At present, there are two mainstream fingerprint recognition technologies: optical fingerprint recognition and semiconductor fingerprint recognition (biological fingerprint recognition).

It is best to choose an electronic door lock that uses semiconductor fingerprint identification (biological living fingerprint identification) technology, which is more secure.

Stand-alone electronic door locks can usually be unlocked with access control cards, digital passwords, fingerprints, etc., while networked electronic door locks, in addition to the above functions, can also unlock for others remotely, and set key information for specific personnel using time limits.

Networked electronic door locks have more powerful functions, but consumers should pay more attention to network security and avoid accessing networks with low security indexes.

① The security of the lock cylinder grade is C and has the anti-vandalism alarm function is the best.

② It is not easy to disclose passwords with virtual password technology.

③ Semiconductor fingerprint recognition is more secure than optical fingerprint recognition.

④ Internet-connected electronic door locks need to pay attention to network security.


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