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  1. Transfer to the leadership of the "Application Form"! Hello! I have been working at XXX for some time. During this period, I learned a lot and saw the company's development and growth. Very room for development.nWhen I first arrived in the company, I had little understanding of the company's situation. I just had a simple understanding of the company's requirements for employees and the development direction of the enterprise. Through these two months of work, I gradually realized that XXX's requirements for employees are comprehensive, from work attitude to business ability to personal quality. Enterprises must be developed in an all -round way. If employees do not keep up with the speed of enterprise development, employees will be eliminated by the enterprise. As an employee in a high -growth company like XXX, I have a strong sense of urgency. In my work, I still have a lot of shortcomings, such as there is still a lot of lack of business knowledge and communication skills. I will improve my personal ability through my own efforts in the future work and better integrate into the collective.nXXX is a successful team, which is deeply attractive for me. I hope to be a formal member of this successful team as soon as possible. Applicant: *** 2008*month*day

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