Compact 300W Electric Transaxle


The Compact 300W Electric Transaxle is an integrated solution combining transmission and axle functionalities for electric vehicles. Designed for efficiency and space optimization, it's suitable for small to mid-sized EVs, offering over 90% efficiency, direct drive, and an air-cooled system.


Introducing the Compact 300W Electric Transaxle: the pinnacle of electric mobility engineering. Merging the functionalities of transmission and axle, this compact powerhouse is tailored for modern electric vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and efficient space utilization. Dive into the world of seamless mobility with this state-of-the-art transaxle.

The Compact 300W Electric Transaxle by Rotontek is an innovative and integrated solution for modern electric vehicles, merging the functionalities of transmission and axle into one compact unit. This integration makes it an optimal choice for vehicles that require efficient use of space and energy.


Feature Description
Power Output 300 Watts
Input Voltage 12-48V DC
Torque 50 Nm (Nominal)
Efficiency >90%
Drive Type Direct Drive
Cooling Air Cooled
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 250mm x 150mm x 100mm

Manufacturing and Design

Rotontek has always prioritized quality and efficiency in its designs. The Compact 300W Electric Transaxle is no exception:

  1. Advanced Material Use: Utilizing lightweight yet sturdy materials ensures a long-lasting product life.
  2. Space-saving Design: The compact nature ensures minimal space usage, making it perfect for small to mid-sized vehicles.
  3. Efficient Cooling System: The air-cooled design maintains optimal performance, even in high-demand situations.
  4. Sealed Unit: Protects the internal components from external contaminants, extending the life of the transaxle.

Compact 300W Electric Transaxle

Advantages and Features

  • Integrated Design: Combines the transmission and axle, streamlining the electric vehicle's drive mechanism.
  • High Efficiency: With an efficiency rate of over 90%, it ensures maximum power is translated to the vehicle's movement.
  • Low Maintenance: Designed to be virtually maintenance-free, saving costs in the long run.
  • Compact: Especially designed for vehicles where space is a premium.
  • Versatile Applications: Not just limited to cars; can be used in various EV designs from scooters to light-duty vehicles.


The Compact 300W Electric Transaxle is perfect for a range of applications:

  • Electric Scooters: Improve acceleration and overall performance.
  • Light Electric Cars: Ideal for urban mobility solutions.
  • Robotics: Mobility for medium to large sized robots.
  • Specialty Vehicles: Such as golf carts or indoor transport vehicles.

Rotontek's Compact 300W Electric Transaxle sets the standard for future mobility solutions. Whether it's for daily commuting or specialized applications, trust in Rotontek to provide efficient and robust solutions for your electric mobility needs.


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