Notes on integrated circuits

Integrated circuit process specifically monolithic integrated circuit process, thin film integrated circuit process, thick film integrated circuit process three, they are widely used in our production and life, so in the use of integrated circuit, should pay attention to what?

(1) Integrated circuits are not allowed to exceed the limit value when in use. Electrical parameters shall conform to specification values when the power supply voltage variation does not exceed ±10% of the rated value. When the used power supply is switched on and off, instantaneous voltage should not be generated, otherwise it will lead to circuit failure.

(2) The temperature of the integrated circuit is generally between -30~85℃, the system should be installed as far as possible away from the heat source.

(3) When manually welding integrated circuits, electric irons larger than 45W shall not be used, and the continuous welding time shall not exceed 10S.

(4) For MOS integrated circuit, the electrode electrostatic induction breakdown should be prevented.

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