Talk about the characteristics of stamping parts

The stamping part mainly depends on the working pressure of the punching machine. According to the stamping die, the metal material is processed into a metal part. Only by understanding the characteristics of stamping parts, can we better play its advantages and better compete for the market. Next, China metal stamping to analyze the characteristics of stamping parts.

(1) Stamping parts is in the raw material cost is not large under the premise of the stamping manufacturing, its parts weight is light, bending degree is good, and the raw material after plastic deformation, metal material internal structure is improved, so that the compressive strength of stamping parts gradually improves.

e85a51599646e7036a3613fa36463eefThe stamping parts have high specification precision, consistent with the mold specification symmetry, has good exchange. General installation and application requirements can be considered without further machining.

(3) stamping parts in the whole process of stamping, because the surface of the raw material will not be destroyed, so there is good process performance, appearance is clean and beautiful, which shows a convenient standard for surface spraying, electroplating process, phosphating treatment and his metal surface treatment.

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