How to simulate stocks in Tongda Cai Finance Terminal?

How to simulate stock trading in Tongdaxin Financial Terminal requires specific operation methods.

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  1. All Tongdaxin software supports simulation stocks. Select personal financial management in the top function menu, build an analog account, and the amount of funds can be.

  2. It's not clear. Since you want to play simulated stocks, it is recommended to go to some professional platforms: such as "Capital Rubik's Cube", you will know when you go to Baidu!

  3. Simulation stocks are based on the trading rules of stocks and based on a virtual platform to realize a type of stock speculation of stock trading.
    It simulation stock system is a system that uses Internet technology and designed simulation operations designed according to the real stock market trading rules. Stock investors can exercise or learn the trading technology by simulating the stock market system.
    The rules of simulated stock trading are basically the same as the regulations of the Stock Exchange, including: cannot be overdrawn and buy short and short, T 1 (the stocks bought on the same day cannot be thrown), the matching transaction is based on the principle of priority priority priority, and Shanghai The same trading time and vouchers on the deep exchange, no new shares to purchase, etc.;
    The transaction costs are completely uniformly uniformly uniformly uniformly unified with the current system: a transaction commission of 1 ‰ ~ 3 ‰ is charged (buying and selling the Shanghai city A shares separately every one of each collection 1,000 shares of 1 yuan transfer fee), a stamp duty of 1 ‰ when selling.
    It simulation stocks are divided into web version, computer client software version, mobile version. Many simulated stocks have opened up various platform operations. For example, Capital Rubik's Cube has achieved webpage, mobile clients and mobile phone WAP operation competitions, which greatly facilitates competition users.

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