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  1. Only the sweeping on QQ can come out

    The 100 yuan Tuhao gold issued by my country. It has the mystery that everyone does not know. What is it? As long as you open QQ, there is such a symbol in the upper right corner, click on it, and take aimed at the "One Hundred Yuan" below the People's Bank of China. At this moment, a magical picture will appear. Phoenix flew out of "One Baiyuan", followed by a pink peony flower in the green picture, a butterfly flying out of the flowers, and then the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, and then displayed "One Baiyuan". Every anti -counterfeit logo on the banknotes, at this time you will have a comprehensive understanding of "One Baiyuan". As a result, the high -tech development of my country and the magic of high -tech. At the same time, everyone must know the anti -counterfeiting logos of banknotes to protect the RMB.

    The is not unusual in this matter. In fact, this is just an AR advertisement. It is the same principle of scanning other things to get red envelopes or other things.

    This this year is the 70th anniversary of RMB issuance. Sweeping the relevant signs on the renminbi will sweep the corresponding advertisement.

    is not just a hundred yuan. As long as it is the RMB with Mao Zedong's avatar, you can just take a look at the red flower.

    It is swept out of 100 yuan:

    It is swept out of 50 yuan:

    R n
    The following is 5 yuan swept from:

    It 1 yuan is swept out:

    Sweeping is just an advertisement. The purpose is to promote it, and it does not have anti -counterfeiting recognition functions.

    This is a very magical thing!

    This is the anti -counterfeiting of the latest technology for banknotes. It mainly uses AR identification technology to give 100 yuan new version of RMB anti -counterfeiting and truth test, and it is also a new application for anti -counterfeiting of new technologies.

    This this year is the 70th anniversary of RMB issuance. In order to popularize the knowledge of RMB anti -counterfeiting, China Banking Monrene and Tencent jointly launched this AR identification video. This function only needs to be installed in the mobile phone to achieve this function. It's really amazing, let's try it!

    The QQ software in the mobile phone can be used to verify the latest issued 100 yuan bills, which is the anti -counterfeiting verification of the local gold banknotes. WeChat cannot be used. Many people swept for a long time with WeChat. As a result, they said that they were deceiving. This anti -counterfeiting verification appears to be a Phoenix, which can only be scanned with QQ. WeChat does not have this feature.

    How to use it. After turning on the QQ software in the mobile phone, aiming at the newly released new version of the local tyrant gold RMB, open the symbol of the "" point of "" in the upper right corner of QQ, and after clicking, it will be aimed at the Tuhao Gold RMB, and then a very amazing will appear a little will appear a little will appear. Very beautiful propaganda picture. A phoenix came out of the hundred -dollar bills, and then a pink graceful and luxurious peony flower appeared in a green color. A colorful butterfly flew out of the flowers in the flowers, and then Beijing appeared in Beijing. The spectacular scene of the Great Hall of the People then began to display each anti -counterfeiting identification logo in the 100 yuan bill, which also gives you a new understanding and experience of the anti -counterfeiting technology of 100 yuan bills.

    The application of this new technology is the embodiment of our scientific and technological development, and it is also the upgrade of anti -counterfeiting verification technology. It is also one of the symbols of the rapid development of high -tech development in our country. From the small one hundred -dollar bill, we can see the development of our technology and the magic of technology. Let us understand the renminbi, so we are more proud of the motherland! Everyone must also study the anti -counterfeiting identification of 100 yuan bills in life, and use and protect the RMB well.

    Is happy Mid -Autumn Festival! The family reunion!

    Healthy body ! May all go well with you!

    The first: Choose a big bill for RMB 100 since 2015. Second, turn on the mobile phone QQ sweeping function. Third, use the mobile phone to scan the middle part of the hundred yuan bills, and the Phoenix can appear. After ten seconds, the promotional video can be appeared. Very beautiful and beautiful.

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