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  1. From 9 am to 12 am.
    1. Lottery.com is the official information release platform of China Sports Lottery Guess Game, providing information on the most complete, latest, most official, and most official schedule of Chinese sports lottery, the schedule of the lottery basketball, lottery, and live broadcast.
    2. Lottery football is a kind of sports lottery game gameplay based on the football game as the lottery game medium, the lottery selection of the guessing field and predicting the results of the game, with the actual game results as the basis for the lottery redemption. The time is from 9 am to 12 am every day.

  2. 2022 Football game LPL schedule:

    1, the first week (public account (follow) Goku understanding the ball): the game recommendation, patient inquiries, LPL football game scores recommended app, LPL football prediction, recommendation, me After pondering a set of experiences, the LPL prediction recommended score is in which APP, friends can discuss experience together. Recommended by e -sports, there are two events in the spring/summer competition)

    June 10 (Friday): IGVSWBG, FPXVSEDG
    June 11 (Saturday): Alvsra , JDGVSTES
    June 12 (Sunday): UPVSOMG, LNGVSBLG
    2, the second week (June 13 -June 19):

    June 13 (Monday): IGVSFPX, WBGVSEDG
    June 14 (Tuesday): JDGVSLGD, TESVSWE
    June 15 (Wednesday): LNGVSAL, TTVSV5
    June 16 (June 16 (June 16 ( Thursday): Ravsomg, UPVSBLG
    June 17 (Friday): EDGVSJDG, RNGVSFPX
    June 18 (Saturday): LGDVSV5, Tesvsig, Wevswbg
    June 19 (Sunday) : Alvsblg, LNGVSTT
    3, the third week (June 20 -June 26)

    June 20 (Monday): OMGVSJDG, UPVSRA
    June 21 ( Tuesday): V5VSFPX, RNGVSWBG
    June 22 (Wednesday): IGVSEDG, Tesvsblg
    June 23 (Thursday): Alvslgd, TTVSWE
    June 24 (Friday): OMGVSLNG, JDGVSUP
    June 25 (Saturday): RAVSWBG, FPXVSTES, V5VSRNG
    June 26 (Sunday): IGVSAL, EDGVSBLG
    4, Fourth Week (June 27 -July 3rd -July 3rd Day):

    June 27 (Monday): OMGVSLGD, JDGVSTT
    June 28 (Tuesday): V5VSWE, LNGVSTES
    June 29 (Wednesday): RAVSFPX, WBGVSUP
    June 30 (Thursday): Blgvsig, RNGVSOMG
    July 1 (Friday): EDGVSTT, Alvsv5
    July 3 (Sunday): Ravswe, UPVSRNG
    5, Fifth Week (July 4 -July 10):

    July 4 (Monday): TTVSBLG, OMGVSEDG
    July 5 (Tuesday): IGVSLNG, WBGVSAL
    July 6 (Wednesday): FPXVSLGD, V5VSRA
    July 7 Day (Thursday): Setting Day
    July 8 (Friday ): Wevsomg, LNGVSJDG
    July 9 (Saturday): Alvsup, BLGVSWBG, Tesvsrng
    July 10 (Sunday): TTVSIG, EDGVSV5
    6, Sixth Week (July 11th (July 11th —— July 11):

    July 11 (Monday): JDGVSRA, FPXVSLNG
    July 12 (Tuesday): RNGVSWE, OMGVSTES
    July 13 (Wednesday) : LGDVSBLG, EDGVSUP
    July 14 (Thursday): Alvstt, V5VSIG
    July 15 (Friday): Wevsjdg, RNGVSLNG
    July 16 (Saturday): OMGVSFPX, BLGVSRA,, Blgvsra,, Blgvsra,, Blgvsra,, EDGVSTES
    July 17 (Sunday): LGDVSUP, V5VSWBG
    7, Seventh Week (July 18 -July 24):

    July 18 (Monday, Monday (Monday (Monday ): Wevsal, IGVSJDG
    July 19 (Tuesday): TTVSOMG, LNGVSUP
    July 20 (Wednesday): Tesvsra, BLGVSRNG
    July 21 (Thursday): FPXVSAL, EDGVSLGD
    July 22 (Friday): WBGVSTT, V5VSLNG
    July 23 (Saturday): Wevsig, JDGVSBLG, RNGVSEDG
    July 24 (Sunday): TESVSUP, OMGVSWBG
    8, Week eighth (July 25 -July 31):

    July 25 (Monday): FPXVSTT, RAVSRNG
    July 26 (Tuesday): LNGVSEDG, JDGVSV5 R) n July 27 (Wednesday): OMGVSAL, LGDVSWE
    July 28 (Thursday): UPVSIG, BLGVSFPX
    July 29 (Friday): TESVSTT, WBGVSLGD
    July 30 (July 30 (July 30 (July 30 (July 30 (July 30 (July 30 (July 30 (July 30 (July 30 (July 30 ( Saturday): RAVSEDG, RNGVSJDG
    July 31 (Sunday): V5VSOMG, Wevslng
    9, Ninth Week (August 1 -August 7):

    August 1st (Monday): AlvsRNG, UPVSFPX
    August 2 (Tuesday): Ravsig, BLGVSV5
    August 3 (Wednesday): LGDVSTT, WBGVSJDG
    August 4 (Thursday) : Wevsedg, RAVSLNG
    August 5 (Friday): BLGVSOMG, LGDVSTES
    August 6 (Saturday): RNGVSIG, FPXVSWBG
    August 7 (Sunday): UPVSV5, JD VSAL
    10, Tenth Week (August 8th -August 14th):

    August 8 (Monday) : TTVSRNG, BLGVSWE
    August 9 (Tuesday): LGDVSRA, TESVSV5
    August 10 (Wednesday): EDGVSAL, IGVSOMG
    August 11 (Thursday): Wevsfpx, TTVSUP R
    August 12 (Friday): IGVSLGD, WBGVSLNG
    August 13 (Saturday): Alvstes, TTVSRA
    August 14 (Sunday): LGDVSRNG, UPVSWE

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