5 thoughts on “Why do each stock software rise and fall?”

  1. Different types of stock market analysis software will indeed be different. Different software is incomplete and related to the basic standards of data analysis.

    For the software system of securities companies, because everyone has unified data standards, the rise and falling of the software systems of different securities companies is consistent, and for some financial analysis companies' institutes For the development of the development of the development system, there will be inconsistent rising or falling. For example, the most basic stock rising and falling, the securities company calculates the rise and fall according to the closing price of yesterday. The differences between the two different software systems.

  2. The software is just the display of the display. There are inconsistent rising or falling declines, indicating that at least one software in it is problematic and the market is delayed.

  3. The rise and fall are consistent and have nothing to do with the software. The rising decline is stipulated by the exchange. Which software you use is the same. As for the specific rise and fall, it depends on the specific market and sector. The motherboard is 10%, ST and delisting are 5%, and the science and technology and entrepreneurial version are 20%.

  4. Why do you have different ups and downs of each stock software? If it is definitely different, if you are long, if your stock is long, it is to be related to your father. Such a listed company like this.

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