1 thought on “How to decrypt the ID of Douyin Personal Homepage”

  1. By sharing the homepage, get the link. Douyin personal homepage ID decryption method.
    1, first. If you want to get the ID of Douyin, that is, if we say the UID, what we have to do is to log in to the Douyin to enter my interface, and you can see that there are three points on the upper right of the page. Click to find the settings at the bottom of the pages after entering, and click again. Pull to the bottom in the extended page.
    2, followed by. At this time, you should pay attention to that if it is an Apple mobile phone, you can use three fingers on the bottom gray font at the bottom of the page. Remember that the three mobile phones can click the gray font 4 times to see the required UID. Essence Of course, if it is an Android phone, you need to click the gray font with a single finger 5 times. Remember that the number and way of the hits and Apple are different. The similarity of Douyin UID and Douyin is still very high before, for Douyin UID.
    1, last. The main thing is to prove identity. At the same time, this UID is a very important part. Everyone must pay more attention in the process of operating Douyin. If you want to get the Douyin UID, operate it according to the above process, the entire process is not very cumbersome.

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