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  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, after the restructuring of the Armed Police Fire Force, it is under the management of the Ministry of Emergency Rescue. Full -time firefighters are currently in business or enterprise preparation. If it belongs to career preparation, it is not suitable for labor law. If it belongs to an enterprise, it is suitable for labor law. There are three types of work systems in the labor law; that is, the so -called "standard" of the standard working hours standard working hours system is as follows: do not work for not more than 8 hours a day; do not exceed 40 hours a week; no more than 3 hours of overtime per day; no monthly overtime work will not More than 36 hours; rest at least 1 day a week. The working hours of standard workers exceed the above standards. Even if overtime, enterprises should pay overtime pay according to law.nThe restructuring will definitely get better and better. Although there is no substantial change at this stage, this is because it has just started, giving the country and the management department for some time, fire protection will change, such as all kinds of use in the present stage, what is useless, what is useless, what is useless what is useless, what is useless, what is useless what is useless, what is useless, The system, so many conferences, so much useless secondary combat preparations, useful various ledger materials, will change.

  2. The road of fire professionalism in Shenzhen has explored 24 years and finally failed. Why did the authorities reform? Or do the fire officers and soldiers take off their military uniforms?

  3. The Chinese fire force, like border guards and guards, is mainly composed of public security forces with about 100,000 people. Each province has a fire brigade, leaders of the local public security system and the fire station of the Ministry of Public Security, and is a division -level unit, but the main officer of some important areas of the high -ranking deputy military level.
    The local armed police fire brigade and local public security department (bureau) fire station in most cases are an institution, two brands. It is generally equipped with the headquarters, the Ministry of Political Department, the Logistics Department, and the Fire Supervisory Department of the Fire Supervisory Department. The equipment work is responsible for the equipment work. Under the current system, there are many disadvantages of the fire protection system. Because it is an active forces, the military and ground isolates, the fire system is not related to the local organization department. The fire prevention department of the construction and review of the construction and review is particularly powerful. For the decoration of the pavement, the construction approval has a great right to speak, and it is also a law enforcement person in the fire administrative license and administrative punishment. As long as you do n’t batch the design, you ca n’t get up. The store does not use some of the recommended fire prevention equipment it is, and it cannot be closed. What's more, it is forced to close the business place to close the door to prevent fires. Afraid of fire. "
    For this reason, the country has been trying to explore the road of fire reform that is in line with national conditions. At that time, some leaders planned to change all national firefighters to public security system civil servants and career preparators, and they were no longer the Armed Police Force. But I was afraid that the movement was too great. In case of failure, the tiger would not be an anti -dog, and it finally decided to pilot the professional reform of fire protection in Shenzhen. The time was 1984.
    The results soon came out: Shenzhen fire broke out, and firefighters compiled by the city's public security were shrank. The public security active detachment soldiers who came up from the country rushed from other places were ripping against each other like a war.
    The leaders fully realized that under the current economic and social conditions of the country, the active fire force is still difficult to replace and gave up the concept of comprehensive restructuring of fire protection. But what about Shenzhen Fire? For grass -roots civil servants and career editors, when soldiers and non -commissioned officers are like hell, they will naturally offer them. They also have a reason: the money spent on civil servants seems to be more than soldiers, but the money consumed on senior officers is quite amazing, and the disciplinary forces composed of civil servants are easier to supervise than military units.
    Under several games, the fire station in Shenzhen has not restructured again. Instead, more than 200 active firefighters were transferred from the outside to make them make up for the shortcomings of professional firefighters.
    , how can you deal with a large metropolis like Shenzhen? In February 2008, the extremely sharp contradictions finally broke out. The fire in Nanshan District, the fire brigade can only send 5 people! 1 mobile captain, 3 squad leaders, and two combatants. Squadron leaders can only move their mouths. Under the tremendous pressure of the public, the Municipal Fire Bureau submitted the "Report on the Severe Insufficient Fire Police Power of the Municipality" to the Municipal Editorial Committee. Name, 229 active fire officers and soldiers. Among them, there were only 448 policemen engaged in fire extinguishing rescue; only 158 of the 229 fire officers and soldiers in the actual duty were actually participating in fire extinguishing rescue work. Therefore, only 532 people engaged in fire extinguishing rescue work in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone must be responsible for the fire extinguishing rescue task of 395 square kilometers of the SAR, and the police force is seriously insufficient. What's more, among the current first -tier fire -extinguishing rescue police forces, the personnel aging is serious, with an average age of 37, 53 years old, and 147 people over 40 years old, accounting for 33%of the total.
    Why do you do here? Because China's fire protection is to fight with the flesh and blood of the 20-year-old youth, but civil servants can do it to 40-50 years old. It is obviously unable to go to the front line to rescue the fire. The young soldiers who are really responsible for going into the battle are far lower than the husband of the husband.
    Is, Shenzhen can only increase 500 officers and soldiers to form active troops, compiled into 14 squadrons, and absorb the fire saving experience of major cities. Fire in the future is mainly for them. The remaining fire police still retain -_-.
    Pevant to realize that the professional reform of Shenzhen fire protection has been proven to have been completely failed in practice over the past 24 years. "Maybe a little bit earlier, Shenzhen can avoid more tragic fires."
    The coexistence of fire police and fire officers and soldiers is not the characteristics of Shenzhen. As early as many years ago, Guangzhou began to explore this road. The conclusions of Guangzhou are: fire protection, the endlessness of the disappearance, the joy of defense. In view of this, we must strive to improve the treatment of the active forces while strengthening the control of the fire supervision department.
    . They decided to set up a cultural fire unit in the public security bureaus of various districts, in charge of the approval and other preventive work of fire protection, exercise the power of multiple fire institutions such as the original fire prevention department, which are subject to the disciplinary committee and the disciplinary committee and Supervision of the People's Congress. But retain the majority of fire officers and soldiers and let them engage in front -line work. Under the current national conditions, I tend to reform the country according to the Guangzhou dual -track model. Fire prevention supervision and engineering construction trials make the police be responsible for the police. It depends on whether the reform of the Daozhong can satisfy the citizens and satisfy the firefighters. The road to professional firefighters is different from China's active military system. Some foreign countries adopt the professional system.

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