1 thought on “How to use China Merchants Bank credit card points is the most cost -effective?”

  1. Usage 1: Integral mall exchange gifts
    This is the most conventional usage of credit card points. Earlier, Xiaorong made a comparison of the "value" of the credit card points of major banks. Although the points of China Merchants Bank are expensive, it is the most valuable. In other words, the points that consume the same money are the best gifts that can be replaced in China Merchants Bank Points Mall.
    If use: Participate in the points lottery
    only 9 points for the recruitment bank credit card, which may obtain iPad mini worth 2888, or 1899 yuan Philips mite removal vacuum cleaner.
    of course, this is not a 100%probability, but a lottery.
    If use 3: Life on the palm of the palm of 9 points to grab gifts
    The 9 points for CITIC's 9 points are different. In the palm of life, there will be a round of redemption every day at 3 pm. Interested friends must set the alarm clock. In addition, there are some signature 9 points specialties to participate.
    If four: Do charity
    As long as everyone presents a little love, the world will become a buying world. If you want to make your points more meaningful, Xiaorong recommends that you try to use points for charity. Believe that you will gain more happiness than redeeming gifts!

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