5 thoughts on “Can I get 1280 cash for 1280 cash when I receive the points of China Merchants Bank today?”

  1. Normally, the points exchange is not deceiving, especially the text messages sent by this kind of China Merchants Bank, then he must not deceive people, but even if it is a text message from the bank, you still have to make the official phone call from China Merchants Bank confirmed Is this point exchange true? After confirmation, I still have to keep asking, because it is impossible to say that everyone can exchange cash of 1280. She may need a lot of bank points, and even say that you need to handle a lot of banking business, save a lot of money, and also pay a lot of money. Only the products of the financial bank can be redeemed, so no matter what points for exchange, she may be real, but it should be noted that he has the conditions for exchange.
    The expansion information:
    It what characteristics and advantages of China Merchants Bank's operations:
    1. Compared with state -owned banks, China Merchants Bank's services are more humane, mainly manifested as: counter service more flexible, products The rules are more scientific and reasonable, and the internal mechanism is more diversified. For example, China Merchants Bank credit card is one of the more popular credit cards in the industry. Data statistics show that as of the end of June 2020, China Merchants Bank's credit card circulation card volume reached 96.3873 million, an increase of 1.14%over the end of the previous year.
    2. The salary of banks has always been a "fan", but we can conclude that China Merchants Bank is in the first echelon from the financial report published by the listed bank. In 2020, China Merchants Bank's financial report revealed that the per capita salary of the entire bank reached 650,000, which was 1.77 times that of ICBC. In short, each bank has its own advantages. China Merchants Bank also has many advantages worthy of our excavation and attention, and there are many shortcomings that need to be supplemented.
    3. In recent years, China Merchants Bank has been known as the "king of retail". Compared with competitors, it does have its greatness, especially in the field of wealth management. The data shows that as of the end of June 2021, the scale of private banks in China Merchants Bank has exceeded 3 trillion yuan, and the number of customers has stood at the 100,000 mark, which is far ahead of the industry.
    4, China Merchants Bank's credit card application threshold and low, it is not easy to get stuck in the audit, and the points are permanent and effective, and the functions of online banking are relatively complete. It can use Alipay's linkage and discounts and often have preferential activities.

  2. Hello,
    It today, China Merchants Bank points can be exchanged for 1280 cash. It is deceiving.
    The investment in China Merchants Bank has not launched cash exchange activities. China Merchants Bank points can be exchanged for gifts.

  3. What you receive is a text message, it may be deceptive, because it is impossible for the bank to give you so strong activities. Ten eight pieces are possible. There must be no more than a scam. It must be a scam. It must be a scam. Don't be fooled!

  4. You can see who sent the SMS for China Merchants Bank points to exchange cash. Generally, there will be no such large reward amount, and most of them appear in the lottery

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